Sync Outlook Contacts with Facebook Friends

Outlook contacts is widely used to store contact information and is synced with many phones. Phones using Windows Mobile always sync with Outlook Contacts. Now wouldn’t it be good if you could get the pictures are other info from Facebook synced with Outlook ! This app lets you to just that.
OutSync is a free application for Windows that can sync photos of your Facebook friends with those in Outlook contacts. The app is only 0.6MB and needs access to  Facebook in order to perform the sync.
Install the app and launch it from the start menu. It will ask you to login to facebook after which it builds a list of your friends. Then it tries to automatically match friends and contacts which have the same name.

The main problem with this tool is that the name in Outlook and Facebook needs to match before they can be synced. There seems to be no option to manually match the contacts. Luckyly for me my HTC Touch Pro 2 syncs with Facebook and that gets synced with Outlook, so most contacts have the photos associated with them.
If you are looking to sync Facebook photos with contacts on Windows Mobile, try BookSync.

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