RupeeMail – It pays to read emails

Rupee Mail (beta)
RupeeMail is a new service in India that offers to pay you some money if you read some marketing emails.
First you register with the service, choose your preferences and start receiving emails. You will have to click on the advertisers link inside the email for the service to recognise that the email has been read.
This service is almost like a mini Google Adsense but it remains to be seen if RupeeMail will find enough subscribers. Hmm I wonder how much they are willing to pay per email, cuase that wasnt mentioned on their website.

Go on boys, start subscribing :D
In their own words
Why RupeeMail?
RupeeMail is Paid-to-read email, sent by advertisers to registered RupeeMail users
You earn money by opening and reading the contents of RupeeMail
RupeeMail is safe because senders are known and verified
RupeeMail is anti spam compliant
Redeem your earnings by Cheque any time
Option to donate your earnings to charity of your choice
You will receive discount coupons and promotional offers of your choice
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