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Do You Really Need Another Facebook IM App for Your Blackberry?  Think So ? Read This First!
With Facebook featuring more and more in our daily lives – from checking out our friends Facebook feeds at home or work on our computer, and keeping in touch via our mobile phones. Do you really need another Facebook application to keep in touch with your Facebook friends?
If you’re a Blackberry Smartphone user, the answer is quite possibly yes. You do need another application to keep in touch with your Facebook friends.

Blackberry Smartphone users will be interested in hearing that the popular Facebook desktop tool “Chit Chat for Facebook” has recently launched on the Blackberry platform. The authors of this popular desktop tool have suggested to us that they’ve brought many of the benefits of their Facebook desktop app to the Blackberry.
In my view, what makes the desktop version of Chit Chat for Facebook great is the following characteristics: ease of use, ability to handle many conversations at once easily and lack of bloat.
Does the Blackberry IM version of Chit Chat possess these characteristics?
Ease Of Use – One of the most noticeable things about this Blackberry Facebook IM is that the interface looks hot. Super hot. The trendy innovative design of this Facebook Chat BB app makes Facebook chatting easy. In summary, the application is incredibly intuitive.

The biggest difference between this application and conventional chatting apps is the use of three tabs – one tab for your contacts, another for your conversations and the last for your unread messages. Whilst I would normally suggest that developers shouldn’t fix what isn’t broke – this layout is incredibly efficient in assisting you with your Facebook messaging.
Ability To Handle Many Conversations At Once – One of my biggest pet hates about other Facebook chatting tools, particularly for the Blackberry, is that there is they make it very hard to manage many conversations at once. They tend to possess a generic contact list with which new messages are placed above the existing contacts. Moreover, there is no mechanism by which you can appreciate the amount of messages you’ve not read yet nor whom these messages are from.
Chit Chat handles this problem elegantly, let’s assume that you’re chatting with a friend – let’s say “Jim” and “Amy” starts to talk with you – you’re informed at the bottom of the instant messaging app that she’s writing to you. Once message has been sent to you, above your existing conversation you are provided with a number of messages you’ve not yet read yet. By returning to the buddy list, you can see at the top contacts the Facebook chat messages that you still need to read – moreover, you can also see messages you’ve not read yet in your unread messages list.
Lack Of Bloat – Many instant messenger developers get carried away with unnecessary features, tools and connections to multiple networks. Why get connected to multiple networks when all of your friends are available on Facebook chat? The problem with this unnecessary additional functionality is that it creates unnecessary bloat, resulting in many technical problems and a slow running app.
In my view the purpose of a chatting app is that your messages should be reliably received right?
Chit Chat doesn’t let you down with a lack of features – for example, you’re able to customise your instant messenger window, make use of smileys and able to login automatically into Facebook chat.
However, it doesn’t have bloat functionality such as video camera tools, extra games – in short, stuff that you won’t ever use within a Facebook chat app.
Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry – like it’s desktop predecessor, seems to have been designed to be slender, robust and functional. This makes it an excellent choice of Facebook chat app for your Blackberry.
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