How To Place Image In Facebook Chat

Facebook is the most popular and best social networking site in the world. Almost every internet user has Facebook account to remain connect with friends and relatives. Facebook always tries to implement new features for users. Here I will discuss about a new Facebook feature by which you  can send your or any other’s profile image to anyone via chat as emotion.

Just follow simple steps to place image in facebook chat. Here we go:

Step 1. Go to any profile page that you want to use as an emoticon in your Facebook chat.

Step 2. See the url and copy the username or if there is no username specified then copy theprofile id. For example From this url you need to copy mytecharena.
Step 3. Put the name or number in double brackets like [[mytecharena]].

Step 4. Put it into your Facebook Chat. When you will send it, the bracketed number or letters will replaced with the profile image. 

Try and share it with your friends and have fun while chatting.

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