For doing intranet DNS poisoning , first you have to do ther ARP poisoning, by using cane & able.!
now what is ARP Poisoning ?
it is a technique attacker sends a spoofed message to LAN card .. so victim systems request first goes to the attackers pc then for gateway.!!! which allows attacker to sniff traffic from network... to do this
run can & able.. 

1-select your active LAN card by configure button.
2- now click on sniff button then (+) sign to add.
3- now it will ask you for range. select default .
4-now press ok. after scanning, it will show you list of devices connected in the network.
5-to poison them click on radioactive button given on right bottom (APR).
6-again click add button and select hosts to poison.
7-now click on radioactive button on toolbar.
8-you can reveal the password of any host's who are using internet ..on network. by clicking password tab.


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