Remote Administrator with ProRat v1.9

Prorat is one of RAT (Remote Administration Tools) are widely used to take over the computer system. Tool made by PRO Group, a group of Turkish hackers community, can be used as a tool Hacking computers in a network. Use of Prorat quite simple, you simply enter the IP (Internet Protocol) is the target computer and then go through one open port. The hardest part is finding where an open port. But you can use a variety of network analysis tools such as nmap, Ethercap, LookHost, etc.

Here are the features provided by PRORAT:
- Remote Control
- Viewing System Info, application running and the Task Manager
- Add process, file, or download files
- Admin FTP
- Format the HDD (hard disk damage)
- Remotely download
- Running MS-DOS, Batch Script, VBScript
- Adding a Registry Entry
- Keylogger: Password Recording
- Make Screnshoot, see your Windows desktop instantly
- Send messages and chat
- Shutdown, Restart, Control Panel, IExplorer, Registry, Printer and Online Controls

Download here

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