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Downloading Music is very common, most users have thousands on mp3′s on their computers. While in the quest to download mp3 files most of these users unknowingly reach malware sites that install malicious code onto their computers.
In our Online Scams to be aware of this holiday season post, we mentioned how spam sites offer chiristmas carol downloads which may contain virus or malware. So here is a free software that will allow you to download mp3 of over 100 million songs.
Super MP3 Download is a software that allows you to search and download more than 100 million songs. The software has an inbuilt list which can show you the weekly top 100 billboard charts and allows you to download songs at very good download speeds.
The search tab allows you to search for a song, artist or an album. Once the search is done, it shows you a list of songs by the artist and different versions of the song you searched for. You can also find music using the categories tab in the software. This will show songs from different genre that you can choose from.
super mp3 download search
Clicking on a title of the song will start playing the song. This helps a lot to determine if it is the right song/version that you wanted. Downloading songs are easy, just click the download button next to the songs title. The software will immediately download the song. It also enables a download que that can manage multiple song downloads.
super mp3 download

The basic free version of the software can do all the functions mentioned here. There is a Pro version of  Super Mp3 Download that has enhanced features like Advanced search, multiple simultaneous downloads and unlimited downloads.

How to get Super MP3 Download Pro License Key (Contest Over)

Leave a comment on this post. Let us know what you like about Super MP3 Download or why you would like a License.
Please ensure that you use your real email address (cannot be seen by other readers) while leaving comments as it will be used to send the license.
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