Increase Your Internet speed

ncrease your internet speed....

1.Open your Network and Sharing center.
2.Click on Local Connection.
3.Click on Properties.
4.Then Double click Internet Protocol Version 4.

5.Change Obtain DNS Server Automatically to Use Following DNS Server.
6.Type in Preferred DNS Server = (OR YOU CAN USE GOOGLE'S DNS TOO its
7.Type in Alternate DNS Server = google its
8.Clcik OK, then OK, then Close everything until Desktop Appears.
9.Restart your PC/Laptop and see the difference.

1. Go To Run
2. Type system.ini
3. Copy and Paste (Delete Everything)
page buffer=100000kbps load=100000kbps
Download=100000kbps save=100000kbps
4. Then Save

Also works for VIsta
Just type system.ini in the search box

Run notepad as administrator

Goin forward---

I Would Recommend Installing the following softwares:-

1.)If Your using wifi then use TCP OPTIMIZER :)

Here is link to TCPoptimizer-

2.)You Can even use Getfullspeed If u think it works..:/

3.) Use damn sure u guys would use it :D

4.) Use RAMRUSH its a pretty cool software which optimizes ur ram and interent speed :D

5.) Last but not the least download AUTOBAHN ...its a small software that runs in the background...and reduces time to buffer video and internet speed

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