Windows Xp Hacking Techniques

Hello Friends In this Post I am Going to describe few methods to Hack The Windows Xp Admin Account.Few of Them are Old but still very effective way to hack any ones XP account. 

Techniques for Hacking Windows Xp

1.Direct Hacking

This is Best method among all if work.This is easiest method to Hack Windows Xp account.To Hack Windows Xp Account you just need to go to login screen first.If computer is switched off than switch it on and wait until log on screen come.
Now Press CTRL+ALT+DEL two times and you will prompt with a new dialogue box shown bellow.

In The Above username field enter the 
Administrator as shown in above figure.And leave password blank.Hit Enter.If you are lucky one soon you will be see a welcome screen.
How it work:- During Xp installation time if we do not set password to administrator account than this account remain in existence without any password.So if we use Administrator as username than it will direct login to windows without asking any password.

2.Hack Windows Xp using interactive command(By task scheduler)

This method is also effective but you need to have a loged in account with admin privileged. 
Steps are follow.
(i)First run command prompt(cmd)
(ii)Type the command at 3:00 /interactive cmd 

The time shown in above code must be few minutes after your current time.For example if your clock showing current time as 3:00 AM than you enter 3:02.If its showing 1:00 PM than you can enter 13:03 in above code.

Now hit enter.Wait for some time(until system time reach to time set by you).After that a new window will appear.

(iii)Now close the previous cmd window and open task manager.Kill or end the process explorer.exe from running processes in task manager.

(iv)Now go to the new cmd window(which is just opened) and type command explorer.A new explorer will open but you have a administrator privilege.You can access every thing through this account.

3.Change Administrator Password using net user command

You can change the password of any user in windows by using net user command.
1.Go to cmd(you must have administrative privilege for doing this)
2.type command net user USER_NAME PASSWORD and hit enter,
3.Where username is username of account whose password you want to change.
4.After this the password of the account will be changed.

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