How To Bypass Firewalls & Open Restricted Sites In Office & Colleges

i am not able to open facebook because of the firewall restrictions even you tube,twitter and all other entertaining sites are banned.

Then i think of finding some trick to break this firewall as many of you guyz must be facing this problem in your colleges and offices,but do not worry i found a permanent solution for this no more proxy sites or proxy servers etc. Actually I will be using a method called SSH tunneling,don't bother its easy to implement,it only looks difficult from its name and also i requires a basic knowledge of your browser only.We will explain you how it operate on  Mozilla Firefox
Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices and all traffic are encrypted not like ftp or telnet were all the messages are sent in plain text So if we encrypt our connection even a firewall or a proxy wont know were we connecting .Follow the setps given bellow to make a ssh tunnel as shown below:-

1. First you have to download a software PUTTY(click here to download).

2.A SSH account there are lots free ssh services providers trygoogling them.

3.After u download open putty now enter the host name as SSH account which we created earlier and enter the port as 22

4. Now go To SSH options and open tunnels now Change Source port to 8080 and click Dynamic. and finally click open

5. Now login with your details .Now we will configure Mozilla firefox to use SSH connection.

6. Now open Firefox and Go to the “Tools” menu and then Options and Go to the “Advanced” button, the “Network” tab, and then click “Settings

7. In the connection settings enter “localhost” as the “Socks Host and your port number, such as “1080″ into the “Port:” field .thats it now all connections are encrypted thus bypassing firewall or proxy.

Now i am enjoying this and my network adminstrator is still worried about this trick. :P :P Enjoyyyyyyyyy


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