Making your computer faster

-Download and run a program called Ccleaner (or regvac which ever you want!) delete the unneeded files!
-Use the windows based cleaner!Go to Start>Run>cleanmgr run it and clean unneeded files!
-Right click my computer>click onproperties>click on the advancedtab>click on settings in the performance section>in the visualeffects tab click on the circle that says "Adjust for best performance"
-Start>Run>type in"msconfig">click on the start up tab> disable unneeded start up programs>hit apply
(You can find unneeded start up programs by googling the name of it) (You can do the same for services)
-Right click my computer>Properties>Advanced tab>Settings on performance section>Advanced tab>In virtual memory click change>Click on custom size and adjust it a bit higher>click ok.
(I have my initial and maximum both set to 1.5 gigs

-Faster boot up. Start>Run>type"regedit">click ok> Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Expand SYSTEM>Expand CurrentControlSet>Expand Control>select content index>FIndstart up delay>doubleclick it>clickon decimal>Change to 40000>click ok
-Faster Shutdown. Start>Run>type"regedit">click ok> Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Expand SYSTEM>Expand CurrentControlSet>Select control>Double click on WaitToKillServiceTimeout>Changevalue to 1000.
-Increase Start Menu Speed. Start>Run>type regedit>click ok>Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Expand Control Panel> Select desktop>Find and click on MenuShowDelay>Change value toabout 20 and click ok.
How to free up space!
-Start>run>C:\Documents and Settings\Owner(or administrator or w.e the name is)\Local Settings\Temp
-Right click on recycle bin>click properties>click on use one for alldrives circle>adjust the bar to about 1 or 2%
-Right click my computer>properties>system restore tab>click on settings>lower it to 1%
(If you have system restore disabled then just change it to 0%.)
-Right click your background>Click properties>Screen saver tab>click on power>Hibernate>Un-check enable hibernation>Apply and ok
-On IE click on tools>Internet Options>In browsing history clicksettings>Set the disk space to around 200mb
-On Firefox click tools>Options>Advanced>offline storage>set to your preference.
Start>All programs>Accessories>System tools>Disk defragmentor> run it and defragment!

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