How To Make backtrack & Windows bootable PENDRIVE

How to make pen-drive boot-able for Backtrack and Windows

Heres' the SECRET 

To make a Backtrack bootable pendrive

Here is the SECRET 

Use a software name call UNetBootin 

To download the software => Click on me

How to make this software work ?
To Download BACKTRACK Click on the following link

Backtrack 3 => Click on me

Backtrack 4 => Click on me

Backtrack 4 r1 => Click on me

Backtrack 4 r2 => Click on me

Backtrack 5 => Click on me

After downloading the image file of any Backtrack O.S from the above ..
Open the software name UNETBOOTIN

U will see a option name given "Diskimage" and then select the image file (.iso file) of the backtrack u have downloaded

then there will be a option name 'Type" ::  in this select the pendrive or the usb or the memory card to make bootable backtrack .. (We are installing files of backtrack in the drives)

To be more clear here is video tutorial => Click on me

After making a bootable pendrive reboot
Goto your BIOS and then go to the option  boot and select "usb" as your first priority 

then press F10 and save ok 

and volla its done

Many of you them will be getting problem that backtrack is not opening 
GUI is not coming of the backtrack 

Send mail on

you have to type two commands first command is fixvesa
and another command is startx

TO recover all your problems here the video tutorial how to get GUI interface 

To see the video tutorial => Click on me

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